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Benefits of Psychometric Testing in Assessing Candidates

Many companies right from small firms to corporate conglomerates are opting for psychometric tests to determine the emotional and intellectual abilities of a candidate. Along with reference checks on past employments, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, a majority of organizations have ingrained psychometric tests as an essential part of the recruitment process.

At present, larger companies are spending millions on getting their assessments entirely customized to suit particular roles. You may already have witnessed positive ramifications in employing staffs who are most suited to the company’s work culture. In case if you are still not making use of psychometric testing as a recruitment strategy, it would be worth thinking about.

In this article, we will broadly discuss the merits of psychometric testing. Let’s explore the benefits of using psychometric tests to shortlist suitable candidates.

What is a psychometric test?

The sole purpose of psychometric testing on potential candidates is to furnish extensive details about personality, abilities, behaviour, and skills of an individual. It aids employers in making safer and better hiring decisions.

Psychometric tests are a measure of certain behavioural traits that are often overlooked during personal interviews. It helps in understanding if a particular individual is suited for the specified job opening or not. In simple words, psychometric test services offer a holistic view of the prospect’s competence and character.

Psychometric assessment can be done during hiring and promotion:
Screening :

During the initial stages of hiring, psychometric testing can be conducted to screen the best applicants. An employer can include psychometric assessments as a part of the application process and use the results in determining who qualifies for the next rounds. This procedure can be efficacious when dealing with a larger applicant counts such as walk-ins and campus drives.

Selection :

In the later stages of the hiring process, psychometric testing can help in making a better selection among the candidates who have been shortlisted for different job positions. If the hiring is for executive or managerial-level positions, employers can use multi-faced and more comprehensive testing procedures.

Key benefits of psychometric testing
  • Adds validity to the recruitment procedure
  • Interviews can be blitzed, reference can be sparkling, and job applications can be professionally written even if a candidate is an ill fit for a particular job role. However, psychometric tests can effectively extract behaviour and personality traits that referee reports or interview questions can not. A candidate might rock the interview but if they don’t work well in the team, considering their assessment for the job may not be the best hiring decision.

  • Aids in identifying personality traits
  • As per the famous psychologist John Holland’s theory, most individuals slot into six prime personality types- conventional, artistic, investigative, social, realistic, and enterprising. Matching personalities and aptitude to ideal job content is essential for productive and engaged employees.

    Psychometric tests can help in identifying a candidate’s likely personality, behaviour, and attitude before they begin working in an organization. It provides a clear picture as to whether or not they will fit in the existing work culture, maintain healthy co-worker relationships, or discharge their duties responsibly.

  • Cost-effective
  • Psychometric tests are useful tools for making smart hiring decisions and are relatively inexpensive. The assessment further ascertains if a candidate is suitable for the job role or has the aptitude for leadership or not.

    The total cost of testing candidates may prove the difference between the greater expense of repeated recruitment and finding an ideal candidate.


If your organization is grappling with recruitments, it might be the time to mull over the advantages of including psychometric tests in assessing candidates. At Flink, we follow extensive and technology-driven processes to weed out applicants with swindling track records.

Our online psychometric tests are scientifically designed to screen potential hires for their following skills:

  • Psychological capability
  • Behavioural traits
  • Analytical ability

Depending on the grade of job applied by the candidate, Flink’s psychometric assessment mechanism offers various difficulty levels with a combination of different questioning categories. If you’d like to inculcate psychometric assessment as a part of your company’s recruitment process, get in touch with our professionals.

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