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Flink Solutions offers technology-driven and ethically compliant employment screening services to strengthen every organization's recruitment process. Our customer-centric process aims to enable the hiring of a strong talent pool with faster screening without compromising on the quality of output.

Resume fraud is among the most prevalent employee discrepancies. Current estimates reveal that around 53% of job applicants present false details

Why should One Conduct Background Verification?

The issue of discrepancies in employment details not only reflects badly upon a candidate but also questions the credibility of an employer. Many employers are yet to appreciate the significance of the employment screening process. Due to this, the Indian companies continue to suffer from recruitment-related disparities at a mushrooming rate.

Educational misinformation and fraud are two of the many undesirable factors that affect quality hiring. Indian corporate sector witnessed the highest data variance in the address component followed by criminal background and employment history.

Sector-wise, employment discrepancy levels are notably highest in the IT sector, followed by telecom, FMCG, healthcare, BPO, banking, manufacturing, and financial service sector.

These are some of the significant reasons for employers to have employee background verification as a mandatory process.

Providing Efficient Employee Verification Solutions to Every Type of Business

As a nationwide employee verification service provider with a reputable clientele, Flink Solutions possesses the competencies your business requires to enable swift and reliable hiring. We do not get selective with our process based on the size of business. Our comprehensive background screening services provide efficiency to every kind of business- big or small.

Apart from being headquartered in Bangalore, our IT-enabled services span across tier-I ( including Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai), tier-II, and tier-III cities in India.

We focus on promoting a transparent and authentic work culture for a seamless organizational workflow. With our IT-enabled processes, we deliver accurate results with industry-leading turnaround time (TAT). Swiftness is not something that we strive for, it is part of our identity.

What Does A Background Verification Offer?

A background verification process enables an employer to make pragmatic hiring decisions by attaining clarity over a candidate’s social, legal, and educational credentials.

Why Flink Solutions?

We fulfill our client's organizational requirements of hiring the right candidates for different roles with our employee verification services. We assist our clients in building a foundation of trust and confidence with prospective candidates while mitigating hiring risk factors.

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Key Features

  • Evidence-based
  • TAT-bound
  • Online process
  • Real-time reports
  • Online records
  • Informative dashboards
  • Optional subject engagement

IT-enabled background verification

  • Verify for credibility issues
  • Array of checks
  • Evidence based
  • TAT bound
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Download reports online

Types of Verifications

  • Address
  • Court records
  • Credit check
  • Criminal database
  • Education
  • Employment
  • ID proof
  • Professional reference
  • Substance (Drug tests)

Our services are designed to-

  • Identify data inconsistencies, misrepresentations, deletion, or exaggeration in employment applications
  • Validate historic professional experience, employee reference, and candidate qualification
  • Reveal civil misconducts or judicial cases

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Background Verification Services in Bangalore
Background Verification Services in Bangalore
Background Verification Services in Bangalore
Background Verification Services in Bangalore
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