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Pune is among the most important Indian industrial centers. Contributing to 20 percent of the entire industrial investment of the country, Pune draws significant foreign investments in the manufacturing, engineering, and automobile sectors. In such a fast-paced industrial scenario, employers are often tempted to hire applicants who seem to match their requirements in documents. They often skip the background verification process.

As a NASSCOM member and ISO certified background verification company, Flink Solutions offers professionally tailored background check services for differing organizational roles. Our comprehensive services conduct thorough pre-employment checks as well as post-employment screening.

Among background verification companies in Pune, Flink Solutions offers a systematized and swift background verification process via VerifyDesk.

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Advantages of VerifyDesk As A Partner

  • Accurate Hiring Decisions with Reliable and Factual Reports
  • Swift Recruitment with our TAT-Bound Background Verification Process
  • Simple and Online Process with No Prior Operating Experience Required
  • Fully-Managed System Including Candidate Engagement for Document Gathering
  • Easy Accessible for References with Online Record Maintenance

Our efficient hosted solution along with our professional team streamlines the background verification process to negate any possible risk resulting from negligent hiring.

Prevent Negligent Hiring Risks with Flink Solutions

  • Reduce Employee Turnover Rate
  • Maintain Recruitment Hygiene
  • Quality Hires for a Stronger Organization
  • Faster Onboarding via Quick TurnAround

Pune, also known as “the Oxford of the East”, accommodates many premier educational institutes with large scale infrastructural upgrades. In view of this, we extend our robust background check services for every employee including gig workers, blue-collared staff, and even freelancers.

Our Flexible and Comprehensive Suite of Background Check Services

  • Address and ID Verification- Verifying the authenticity of the current and permanent residential address and identity via PAN, aadhaar card, driving license, etc.
  • Credit Check- Disclosing any objectionable credit agreements including loans, mortgages, or any other financial utility.
  • Criminal Record Check- investigating for any criminal history via judicial, civil, and court records.
  • Drug Test- Revealing sensitive and critical information on drug and alcohol consumption.
  • Educational Verification- Authenticating academic achievements like qualifications, degrees or diplomas, and certificates from colleges or universities.
  • Employment History- Extracting information regarding previous employment such as employee tenure, last designation, and reason for the exit.
  • Global Database Check- Confirming any reports or incidents regarding violation or non-compliance across global sources including web and media search.
  • Professional Reference- Verifying candidate credentials and documented strengths and skills via professional reference checks.

Our team maintains data discretion and ensures candidate compliance prior to meticulous checks.

In addition to this, our extensive talent screening services enable organizations to retain their talent standards while addressing any resource-related challenges.

Extensive Talent Screening Services for Smart Organizational Decisions

  • Online Skill Assessment Services
  • Scientifically Designed Psychometric Tests
  • IT-enabled Background Verification Process
  • Customized Employee Health Check Packages

Key Features

  • Evidence-based
  • TAT-bound
  • Online process
  • Real-time reports
  • Online records
  • Informative dashboards
  • Optional subject engagement

IT-enabled background verification

  • Verify for credibility issues
  • Array of checks
  • Evidence based
  • TAT bound
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Download reports online

Types of Verifications

  • Address
  • Court records
  • Credit check
  • Criminal database
  • Education
  • Employment
  • ID proof
  • Professional reference
  • Substance (Drug tests)

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