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Evaluating Employee Potential With Psychometric Testing

Recognizing unique talents, nurturing, and retaining them is a crucial part of an organization’s success. The past performance of an employee is not a reliable marker of their future endeavors. Their potential to perform under any circumstances is what determines their ability to lead and contribute to your organization.

Psychometric testing is a comprehensive set of tests that enable organizations to identify skilled employees. From personality assessments to situational judgment and logical reasoning, psychometric testing covers it all. Apart from recognizing quality employees, these tests can also help organizations understand the different personalities that exist in your organization. Also, evaluating your employees’ potential will help you identify the future leaders of your organization.

Let’s delve deeper into the subject of psychometric testing and the different types of tests included in it for employee evaluation.

What Is Psychometric Testing?

A mismatch of organizational values and mindsets within a workplace can degrade the overall performance of the company. Psychometric testing is a method of eradicating such mishaps. With these tests, organizations can optimize their recruitment processes to ensure pragmatic employment. The extensive set of tests can unfold a potential employee’s personality and performance. Besides, it can also aid decision-makers in ascertaining whether a candidate is fit for a particular job role.

Every organization needs a thriving employee base to succeed in its ventures. One wrong hire can disrupt the proceedings, lead to additional economic liability, and cause grave repercussions for organizations. Therefore, implementing psychometric tests has almost become a necessity. It lets you conduct an objective and result-oriented analysis to cumulate quality employees for your organization.

What Is Included In Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric test services involve a series of tests to determine employees’ ability, engagement, and aspirations. During recruitment, these tests can bring out the personality traits of individuals that are not surfaced on the resumes. A well-crafted set of questions enables employers to screen individuals based on their analytical ability, psychological capability, and behavioral traits. It carefully administers questions that have no direct right or wrong answer. Thus, it brings out the analytical capabilities and personalities of various individuals. This process helps in determining the right role of an employee in the organization.

Different Types Of Psychometric Tests

Generally, employers prefer to screen their employees on three grounds: performance, potential, and personality. To get the best results, you can screen multiple personality traits in employees through a single assessment. Let’s explore the two main types of psychometric tests.

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive assessment or aptitude tests are a holistic approach to screen individuals based on their logical thinking ability. It specifically covers questions that target the core brain functions like problem-solving, reasoning, and decision-making abilities. These tests are the key determiners of an individual’s skills. Using it helps organizations to build a skilled and qualified workforce. Some of the tests that come under its umbrella include:

  • Logical reasoning :
  • Through these tests, you can analyze the candidates’ ability to conclude from any given information.

  • Numerical reasoning :
  • This type of test evaluates candidates based on their ability to work with numbers and calculations.

  • Verbal reasoning :
  • Using verbal reasoning tests, you can examine a candidate’s level of understanding of written information and their decision-making capabilities.

Personality Assessment

Every individual comes with a different set of personality traits. Through personality assessments, employers can get a detailed insight into their employees’ personalities. Cognitive skills determine employees’ skills and abilities, which are vital for organizational growth. Similarly, organization-fit personality traits help in building a strong and efficient workplace. Understanding the personalities can help decision-makers to assign the right job profile for the employees. It analyzes an individual’s behavioral competencies, motivation towards work, and other such crucial aspects. Generally, an individual’s personality can be segmented into five groups based on various behavioral traits:

  • Openness :
  • It includes people who are open to new challenges and curious about new experiences.

  • Conscientiousness:
  • This group of people is self-disciplined. They have control over their impulses and can act responsibly in any situation.

  • Extraversion:
  • It denotes people with skills and ability to perform in social settings.

  • Agreeableness:
  • It signifies people who can easily get along with others.

  • Neuroticism:
  • People with negative and unstable emotions like depression and anxiety fall under this group.

Wrapping Up!

Psychometric testing is a holistic approach to determine employee potential based on various cognitive and personality traits. Therefore, if your organization is struggling with quality recruitment, incorporate psychometric tests to evaluate employee skill and potential.

At Flink, we provide an extensive set of talent screening services, including psychometric testing to cumulate organization-fit employees for you. Our online psychometric tests are scientifically designed to screen employees based on their:

  • Analytical ability
  • Psychological capability
  • Behavioral traits

Based on the context of the job applied, our psychometric testing mechanism sets the level of the assessment. Further, it evaluates the compatibility of the applicants for various job roles. If you are planning to include psychometric tests in your recruitment process, talk to our experts for more info.

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